Branding and Website Design for a Vegan Bistro - Veggie Bar

Branding and Website Design for a Vegan Bistro – Veggie Bar

Branding and Website Design for a Vegan Bistro - Veggie Bar - A Coconut Design article

It is always a pleasure to help vegan businesses with their online presence. We loved this branding and website design project for a vegan bistro.

Logo design and mobile friendly professional website design for a vegan business

Veggie Bar is a vegan bistro – not only for vegans. They serve fresh and healthy food for everybody in town. This eco-conscious business needed a full branding with logo design, colours, fonts and other elements of online presence. And we also created them a professional business card design on environmentally friendly paper (of course).

We started with the logo, which can be used on every surfaces and in every sizes, online and offline. These are basic requirements in case of a restaurant logo, because these businesses use to place it in various objects and places and there’s no time to suffer with tailoring the logo all the time.

logo design for vegan restaurant

We selected a Fresh orange and a calming green as main colours to attract people who want to taste some delicious and healthy vegan food like smoothies or salads.

Professional logo design for vegan restaurant

After finishing all the branding elements, we started the website design process for this nice vegan bistro. Bright colours and images of delicious vegan food help to attract their target audience to have a really great and healthy meal or snack at the bar.

Website design for vegan restaurant

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