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Organic Chocolate Website Design

Organic Chocolate Website Design - A Coconut Design article

Organic Chocolate Responsive Website Design

This was a very hard period in my life, I wanted to eat delicious chocolate all day long. However, somehow I managed it without gaining weight: responsive website design for Organic Chocolate Webshop.

Organic Food Chocolate Website Design

Organic chocolate Food Mobile Friendly Webshop Design


We avoided green as brand colour on purpose. Instead of that we chose a nice turquoise, a mustard yellow and shades of brown to make an appetite. The logo itself is based on the idea of quality labels representing that these products are superior to ordinary ones. As heading fonts we used a handwritten type to create a friendly ambient referring to gift cards, because people usually purchase organic chocolate as a gift.

We designed a nice and simple webshop too for this organic and vegan chocolate brand. In addition to being responsive it had to be simple and clear to make sure customers can choose and buy their preferred box easily. With one-page checkout we made the customer journey easier and faster.

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