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Vegan Webshop Design

Vegan Webshop Design - A Coconut Design article

Vegan webshop design Maya’s GreenThings. It is an environmentally friendly and vegan gift webshop for eco-conscious people. The main idea behind it is to reuse and recycle materials and give them a new life as gifts by using the photographs of the founder and owner, a professional photographer. We could say, it’s a nice example of circular economy in small.

Sustainable gift webshop design vegan

Our keywords for this vegan gift shop design project were: simple, friendly, bright and natural, just like the concept of this nice vegan webshop. The website has to just as eco-friendly as the webshop project itself, so fast and really effective to create as low carbon footprint as possible.

Features of this vegan webshop design:

  • fully responsive
  • custom website design
  • WordPress CMS background
  • customised Woo Commerce webshop
  • low carbon footprint website
  • sustainable (except the hosting provider)

“I love my new webshop”

Adél, photographer and sustainable gift webshop owner,

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