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Wine Label Design – Zsigmond Winery

Wine Label Design - Zsigmond Winery - A Coconut Design article

Wine Label Design – branding for winery

I would not consider myself as a graphic designer, nor a product designer, I do what I am really good at: logo, branding and website design. However, when it comes to a project in which keywords are “autumn”, “fresh” and “wine” I can’t resist. This was true in case of this wine label design project for Zsigmond winery.

After consulting about with the client, I’ve first created the hand drawn design with pen and paper (such an old school style…), then I’ve digitised it with my wacom tablet. The three different type of wine got 3 different wine label designs by using different background autumnal colours: a green a brownish and a pale yellow, keeping a good contrast with the graphics.

Wine label graphic design for winery

The result is fresh, light, youthful and joyful: ideal for the young target audience of the brand and represents well the light taste of these fine rose and white wines.

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