Logo and Box Design for Cork Recycling Company - Coconut Design

Logo and Box Design for Cork Recycling Company

Logo and Box Design for Cork Recycling Company - A Coconut Design article

Rekorek Polska is a wonderful project of an international team located in Poland. Their main goal is to collect and recycle cork which is an extremely useful and valuable material. It was really nice to meet and work with this sustainable and ecologically conscious, value based project and create a cork recycling company logo for the first time.

Cork Recycling Company Logo Design

Although they already had a logo, but it was only a logo font made by one of the project owners. So they wanted something more improved. At this point I’d like to add, that I 100% support this attitude: at first, a simple logo is totally enough. When your project / company is getting established and you’re starting see a character, it’s time to ask a professional to create a logo and help you with the branding. Logo design is not the first and not even the 2nd step of starting a business!

So Rekorek wanted an updated logo that includes or at least refers to cork itself. As usually, I offered them 2 totally different versions of logo design.

Cork Recycling Company Logo Design – 1st version
Cork Recycling Company Logo Design – 2nd version

Which one would you chose? The Rekorek team has chosen the 2nd one. After finalising the logo, I’ve prepared them a branding board and a short branding guide to make sure they can use them consistently and properly for the best results.

Collector Box Design

After the logo design and branding process we still had something to do: a collector box design. As usually, getting the right proportions was the hardest part of the project. At the end we managed it and they were really happy with the results. I got this image later, when they took part at an exhibition.

Rekorek and their new logo and box design

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