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Why Should You Hire a Vegan Web Designer?

Why Should You Hire a Vegan Web Designer? - A Coconut Design article

I am a vegan web designer and I often define myself with these exact words both in professional and everyday situations. Sometimes people ask me: “why is ‘vegan’ important? It’s about your diet, right?” or “What makes a vegan web designer better?”
Well, being vegan is not always necessary to create a good web design, but if you have a vegan or green brand you should definitely go for vegan designers. In this article I’m going to tell you my three reasons.

First of all: ‘vegan’ is not a diet. Veganism is about ethics, so being vegan means that I have certain standards and morals, and not about my taste in food. This is very important to understand if you want to see the real problems of vegan owned businesses. And now, let’s see the three reasons why a vegan web designer could be better for vegan companies.

1. Same values, same goals

Nobody can be as passionate about your vegan business goals as a vegan web designer. You have the same mission, you both work for animals and a better, more peaceful world. You and your vegan designer can make a real team.

2. They know your audience

Nobody knows vegans better than a vegan. Vegan audience – as every single target group – has a certain point of view about our world and a vegan designer knows that. Small details are very important if you want to connect and bond with your audience, this requires vegan thinking for sure.

3. They think green

Bad news: your website has a carbon footprint too. Vegan web designers are often very eco-conscious people, so they probably can help you to have a more ecologically-friendly web design. Don’t miss the chance to create a greener online presence, it’s the future. Actually, the only future: vegan and eco-friendly.

I hope this blog post helped you to decide if being vegan is important to you in case of a web designer. If you don’t have a vegan designer yet, don’t look any further, contact me to get my vegan passion and dedication for your project!