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3 Tips to Make Your Website More Eco-friendly

3 Tips to Make Your Website More Eco-friendly - A Coconut Design article

You chose your materials packages sco-consciously. You work for the environment in your business day by day. Probably in your personal life too. But what about your online presence? Is your website eco-friendly?

Good news: effective websites are usually the more eco-friendly ones. In this article about eco-conscious website design and development I’m going to show you three tips to have a smaller carbon footprint caused by online presence.

Use a green hosting service

Web hosting needs energy, so they definitely have a carbon footprint because of the transfer and storage of information. However, there are more and more green web hosting providers on the market, so you can choose a green solution for your website. They usually reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable energy or compensate mother Earth by planting trees.
My advice: choose a green web hosting service from here. Not all eco-friendly providers are included, ask your web hosting company about their policy!

Avoid page builders

Page builders usually make your website slow. Divi, elementor and other tools load in plenty of unnecessary scripts. These avoidable code parts are necessary for customization and page building, but make your website really slow. Loading is a huge energy consuming process, which is absolutely not a green way of functioning.
My advice:

Keep it simple

The less code and unnecessary script is in the backend of your website, the more environmentally friendly it is. Consider leaving out all the unnecessary features and elements. In conclusion, the best is if you communicate simply and clearly and focus on your business values and message. Eco-friendly people – your potential customers – love simplicity or even minimalism and don’t need all the glam and flash and luxury.
My advice: use optimised images and text to express your most important message on each page and plan the page flow. Use simple fonts!

Are you planning to make your website more effective and eco-friendly? Contact me for more info and help.