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Vegan Nutritionist Website Design

Vegan Nutritionist Website Design - A Coconut Design article

This website design was made for a well-known vegan nutritionist and dietitian. Our main goal of the website was to educate people about the advantages of a well balanced plant-based diet and to offer vegan nutritionist services for vegan and non-vegan people.

We created a responsive, visually appealing design with friendly yet professional colours and style. Blue refers to health, hope and medicine. Green expresses the healing power of nature and the power of plants. We’ve chosen less common shades of both colours. This way we can stand out of the crowd and make the brand and the website remarkable.

Making this vegan dietitian website 100% mobile friendly was exceptionally important, because the target audience covers a wide range of ages, including the younger generation who browses mostly on their phone.

The oblique elements make the website unique by breaking the grid. We used animation moderately, because we wanted to create a calming and discrete ambient.

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