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5+1 signs your website needs a redesign

5+1 signs your website needs a redesign - A Coconut Design article

We all know that our digitalized world changes day by day and it’s not easy to keep up with that. Maybe you have your website for a while, it contains all the info, but somehow you have problems with it. If you are not sure if it’s time for some renovation or you should wait for better results, check out the following list! If most of them are true for your website, you may need a redesign.

1. Your website falls apart on different devices.

Pretty obvious, right? If you visit your own website on desktop all the time, maybe you haven’t even realised that it’s not the best on mobile. Responsivity is vital for your website’s (and so your business’) success, so grab your phone now, and check out if it shows its BEST face on that device. Why best? Good enough is not sufficient? Nope, because more than half of website visits are made from mobile devices, if your audience is young, it can be 90% percent or more!

2. If your website is too slow it’s time for a redesign!

I know, I could say it in a more sophisticated way, but the cruel truth is if your website is too slow, people are going to leave it. What exactly does too slow mean? Well, it depends on your website’s technical background, on your audience, and many other things, but from visitors’ point of view the line is about two seconds. If your website loads in 2-3 seconds, more than half of your potential visitors are gonna leave without even taking a look at it. So many people, right? And you may have paid before to reach them.

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3. It doesn’t convert well.

Visitors into readers, visitors into subscribers or visitors into buyers. It’s not easy (and even cheap) to attract visitors to your site, but once you learn the way the game isn’t over: you have to convert these leads into something more valuable. What if there are plenty of visitors, but not enough buyers? It’s time to consider the content from a marketing perspective and have some redesign on your site. Otherwise you are just burning your money and time for nothing. Properly used CTA buttons are your friends!

4. It doesn’t seem fresh and living or in a more simpler way: the website looks outdated.

There are new trends in web design every year and some are big changes and some are just small ones. Of course you don’t have to do a full website redesign every single year to make it fashionable, but if your site is older than 4-5 years without any changes in its design, maybe it’s time for a refresh.

5. You can’t refresh your CMS which is full of update alert or if you have had the courage to push the “update” button, your site fell apart.

It’s absolutely OK, if you don’t care about technical updates of your site, because you have a business to manage. (Except for critical security patches which should be installed asap.) When I say redesign, I refer to the technical and visual part as well and these two parts are co-dependent. If your website is outdated technically, it’s going to affect the visual appearance as well and probably not in a good way. If you don’t feel like doing the necessary updates, ask a professional to do it for you regularly. Trust me it’s easier and cheaper than waiting until your site goes wrong.

+1 You don’t like it anymore.

Yes, it’s also an important part of the story. If you can’t identify yourself with your own site, it should be renovated. Harmony between business message, brand and visual appearance is the base of credibility and authenticity.

If you like success stories, this rebranding and redesign case study may be interesting for you.

I hope this post helped you to decide if you need a redesign or not. If you have any questions, please contact me! To learn more about my website related services click here.

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