4+1 Questions you need to ask yourself about your business website - Coconut Design

4+1 Questions you need to ask yourself about your business website

4+1 Questions you need to ask yourself about your business website - A Coconut Design article

Beautiful colours and fonts, great images, proper alignment, and the most important information. Is that all you need to have a great and effective website? In this blog post I’m going to tell you 5 questions you should ask yourself about your business website, even if you are currently satisfied with it. Answer them and maybe you will be surprised.

1. Who is it for? – Defining Your Target Audience

Visitors can come to your site in many different ways. Once they arrive the first thing they do is checking if this is for them or not: deciding if they stay. If you do not make clear who your website was made for, who can your business help, people will look for a more obvious solution. Help your target audience to recognise they have arrived at the right place: express it in the hero section with images and / or text. Simple as that.

2. How does it help? – What You Offer

Seems easy, but sometimes the hardest part: presenting your product / service in 2-3 words. No buzzwords, no BS, only the true essence of what you offer in a way you’d tell it to a 5-years-old child. Not because your customers are not intelligent, but because they are not on your website to do brain work and guess what you offer- let’s save that energy for customer decisions!

3. Why is it unique? – Revealing USPs

Here’s your chance to demonstrate how wonderful and unique the way you provide your services / products is. The key – as always: why is it good (the best!) For your customers, what is your “sauce”.

4. How can customers get it? – CTAs

Your business website visitors will do what you tell them (sooner or later). This is why providing information is not enough: you should tell your potential customers what their next step should be. As a call to action you can use a button, a link, or a simple plain text without a link. By choosing them wisely you can drive your future customers smoothly to purchase or subscribe.

+1. Is your business website environmentally sustainable?

Maybe it’s not a general expectation yet, but we do recommend you consider the carbon footprint and sustainability of your website. If for no other reason than to make your website faster. Higher website performance is good for your business and the environment at the same time.

Are you satisfied with your answers? I you feel that your website could be improved, but you don’t know where to start, maybe a web design audit as a first step would be a good choice.