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Your Online Credibility

Your Online Credibility - A Coconut Design article

Being present in 2022 means being present online and offline for a lot of entrepreneurs. A good mix of personal and virtual presence can be beneficial for every business. However, while rules of personal meetings are pretty clear for everyone, there are still a lot of entrepreneurs struggling with having a credible online presence. In this article I’m going to share with you some ideas to grow your online credibility.

1. Introduce yourself – regularly!

How many ads and posts have you seen today? Can you recall all your favourite instagrammers name and profession who you’re following? Introduce yourself from time to time. What are you working on right now? Who are you working with? Who are you working for? What are your strengths and specialities?

2. Social proof is not arrogance!

Show people what your clients said about you. Maybe they highlight a totally different aspect of your work than you would and that makes a real value for other potential customers. Show these opinions to your audience so your best future clients can bond and find you more easily.

3. Know your friends!

If you have any awards or other results, show it on your site and in social media posts too. Good partnership with other companies or trustful entrepreneurs also can be a good thing to get some credibility: show the logos of your best partners on your website!

4. Show your face!

I know it’s hard for a lot of people, but you have to be present. Upload photos about yourself. True, good quality photos with positive vibes. Show yourself to your audience, let them know who this lovely and trustworthy person is (you!). For a deeper connection you can also use videos. It can be very useful to add some metacommunicative value.

5. Play the social media game constantly!

Be active on your preferred social media platforms (yes, you should prefer the same ones as your target audience). Post, comment, add stories constantly and as often as you can! If your last post was 1 month ago, your potential clients are gonna think that you disappeared and you are not available anymore for them. Again. Be present.

But above all: create value and be honest. If you act like a credible person you are going to be a credible person – online and offline. If you are already there, but do not find a way to show it, I am here for you. Let me know if I can help you and let’s create a credible online presence for your business!