How to Start a Small Side Hustle Business in 2022? - Coconut Design

How to Start a Small Side Hustle Business in 2022?

How to Start a Small Side Hustle Business in 2022? - A Coconut Design article

People often find themselves facing financial problems, especially in the last few pandemic years. In these hard times starting a side hustle business can be a good solution to overcome your personal economic issues and maybe to sow the seeds of your future profession. In this blog post I’ll share you some tips to create your own side hustle business.

1. Find your true passion!

Everybody loves something to do. May it be driving, doing arts, learning foreign languages: most of us have a passion that sparks joy in our life. If you do your beloved activity after your daily job for extra money, it can be much easier than just “do something for some money”.

2. Learn something new!

If you don’t have that special thing yet in your life that you really enjoy and can make money with, then learn something. Write a list about your strengths and weaknesses and ask your friends about them. Also write a list about your favourite activities, even if they are so obvious like doing makeup or walking. After collecting all the info, dedicate a couple of silent hours to find your new path. For example if you love long walks even in winter time and your former colleagues said that you are very responsible, maybe dog sitting is your best side hustle option. Want more? Learn how to be a dog trainer! Or – if you are more passionate about beauty – become a professional makeup artist. There are plenty of schools and courses, even online!

Create a website for your side hustle to make money online in 2022

3. Tell everyone about your side hustle!

It’s the hardest, I know. You are not the best yet. You are not a professional, you don’t have much experience yet, only amateur enthusiasm. I know, you are not “there” yet, but still, tell everyone! Tell them about your passion, your goals, your plans, your story. If you share your story with your friends, they will be able to help you by encouraging you, giving you feedback and – who knows – maybe by being your first clients. Don’t be shy, everybody started somehow. Read about successful people’s stories for motivation and inspiration! You are going to be surprised!

4. Just do that!

A lot of people fail to start a side hustle, because they are using all their energy to get ready. You are ready. Just start it. There will be problems, relapses, even failures, but this is how you get experience. People won’t blame you if you are honest and correct about your abilities all the time.

5. Create a cool online presence for your side hustle!

Show yourself to the world! Use social media, post regularly, and give value! Create your website or make an investment in your dream and hire a professional! A simple website just to introduce yourself doesn’t cost too much and you can earn it back quickly.

I hope these little tips gave you a good starting point to begin something new in 2022. Tell me if it inspired and motivated you! If you need any help with creating your online presence for your existing business or new side hustle, I am always happy to help. Have a successful and joyful 2022!