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How do I fix a slow website?

What is website audit?

Creating a website is a never ending story. Maybe you are satisfied with the current state of your site, but there are always new solutions and better ways to improve and extend. However, to be honest, most business website owners aren’t satisfied with their website which is actually – in most cases – their main part of online presence and in case of e-commerce, their primary source of income. Moreover, websites are getting old as new solutions, plugins, technologies are popping up, and nobody wants to leg behind, right? This is where website audit comes in.

Let’s see what we can do!

What is included in a website audit?

During website audit we are talking about:
– your audience, buyer persona and their needs, the biggest problems you can solve
– visual appearance of your site (colours, font types, spacers, margins, proportions, design elements, images, graphic elements, etc.)
– layout generally
– site speed on mobile and desktop (be prepared, it’s a tough one, because most sites need hard improvement in this)
– page flow
– strategy, goals

website audit service and page speed improvement

How does audit process look like?

Not all of the above mentioned topics are strictly part of the web (re)design process, but they are all necessary topics and information for a designer to make the right decisions while improving your site. A website audit typically takes 1/2-1 hour, if both participants (me and the website owner) arrive fully prepared. By fully prepared I mean that you come with a list of more important questions, problems, tasks, long- and short term goals. This is the way we can manage a really effective website audit that can be a good kick off of a potential website redesign project at the same time. Are you curious? Are you ready to improve your site, get higher conversions and have more satisfied and loyal customers?

I am ready!