Sustainable and Vegan Web Design Expert - Csilla Slezsak

Sustainable and Vegan Web Design Expert – Csilla Slezsak

Hi there,

My name is Csilla and I am a website designer, passionate about sustainable web design.
I am based in Budapest, Hungary, but I create logos and websites for brands from all over the world. As a web designer I create professional business logos and websites for companies in the UK, Ireland, France, Hungary and many more. I love working for green, eco-conscious & vegan businesses, but I also have created logos and / or websites for tattoo artists, photographers and health related businesses like massage therapists or physiotherapist.
I can help you by improving your online visual communication and making your website better converting and being faster.
And many more… but let’s see first my web designer story.

vegan web Designer

How did I become a freelance web designer?

I’ve always worked with marketing experts on marketing projects. I’ve started as a research analyst at a huge media company. First I was an intern, then they have kept me as a junior. After this experience I went to a research agency as marketing researcher and spent 4 very busy years analysing customers online and offline behaviour. At last, I went back to the media side, to a huge international company again, where I’ve learnt a lot, but I’ve still missed something: full creativity and freedom. As a very ambitious and curious mind, for me, freedom does not mean doing nothing, but doing things in my own way, learning my own lessons and creating my path by myself. This is why I’ve started my own business as a freelance website designer after a lot of nights spent studying. And I’ve never regretted it. (Haha. Yet.)
Read the next phrase to learn what can I help you and your business!

Why I’m focusing on sustainable web design?

As a former marketing specialist, my main focus in web design is functionality, because let’s be honest: a business website is a tool for business goals. Although, I love the branding side of this work, I adore creating identity for existing and new businesses and help entrepreneurs to find their way of visual communication. I’m also very interested in page speed and how to create more effective websites by making them faster. Currently I’m taking PHP lessons and I’m planning to acquire some js skills too, but not too much, because marketing and visual communication & branding are my favourites.
That’s enough of my professional story, if you want to know the real-life Csilla, checkout the following list!

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A dozen fun facts about me

1. I love cats & dogs too!
2. I did not go to kindergarten
3. Sometimes I am too honest!
4. I’ve run several marathons and a few ultras
5. My favourite season is autumn
6. I am vegan for the animals
7. I have university degrees of social psychology and communication
8. I enjoy learning languages! I speak Hungarian, English, Italian and understand Spanish and German.
9. I love outdoor sports too: hiking, kayaking & cycling!
10. I practice yoga every single day
11. When something does not interest me, I cannot stay patient
12. One of my hobbies is dot painting
+1 I hate socks!

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