Green Web Developer - Bence Szalai

Green Web Developer – Bence Szalai

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My name is Bence and I’m responsible for the proper execution of the challenging technical aspects of our projects.

Am I a web-developer?

Some may argue that web development is not really programming.

Sure, making a website may not require programming skills. However the kind of websites we like to make do require it. Why is that?

My background

I’ve been programming since my childhood, and at times it may look like my brain is even just a software crunching data. Sometimes it is a bit low on memory too. But I know how things should work and I know how to achieve it. I enjoy understanding complexity and designing comprehensive solutions. My brain likes to do it too.

I have extensive experience working with large organisations as well as small businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa especially in discovery and due diligence related to technical projects let them be in the phase of pre-sales evaluation, proof-of-concept, the actual delivery or monitoring and upgrades.

I choose to work as a freelancer because I am more interested in design and technical excellence than office politics and corporate jargon.

I do not only develop websites, but applications and software services too, but most of my projects utilise web related technologies anyway. I am confident to work in a good few languages and systems and the web only requires one particular constellation of these skills. However over time I have become proficient in making sites fast and efficient, and this is something I take time to research and practice continuously as we deliver websites.

How can I help you?

My role

If you order a web design audit or a new website from Coconut design, I’ll take the heavy lifting when it comes to diving deep into the technicalities as well as I will jump in the process when the requirements and solutions need to be laid down for you.

In other words I’m responsible for the technical aspects of our projects and to make sure you will get a reliable, maintainable, efficient and secure solution that is state-of-the-art and is in accordance with the industry best practices and relevant standards.