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Web Design Audit – ENTERPRISE



Web Design Audit – ENTERPRISE package is a good choice for you if
– you aren’t experiencing the conversions you need
– the functions work well on your website, but it still doesn’t seem to be “ready”
– you don’t know how to communicate, how to use your product / service information on your website in an effective way
– you simply don’t like how your website looks like

This package is recommended for businesses and organizations with bigger websites, webshops with a wide range of products.

The Web Design Audit – ENTERPRISE package includes:

1. A report about your website including:
– design chapter
– technical part
– marketing / content part
– strengths, weaknesses and pro tips in each chapter.
2. Consultations 3 times (40 minutes each)
3. Action plan
4. Sustainability report
5. 1 VIP day (6 hours focused work together)

How Does Web Design Audit Work?

1. You purchase this item
2. I send you an email with a form
3. You send me back the form with your website URL and a few words about your issues (optional)
4. I create your audit (in 2-5 working days).
5. You get the audit report with my recommendations (15-20 pages).
6. I am preparing for our first meeting (for you it’s optional, but it’s highly recommended to have a list of your questions and concerns)
7. We find the time and platform (mostly zoom)
8. We are doing it! 40 minutes long session – the most useful part of your day, week, month, maybe year! (I hope so.)
8.2. 2nd consultation (if needed)
8.3. 3rd consultation (if needed)
10. I create and send you the detailed action plan
11. I create and send you the sustainability report
12. 1 VIP day (6 hours focused work together)
13. It’s your turn! Move forward and take those steps we’ve discussed!
+1. Or, If you prefer, you can ask me (my team) to help you by doing those steps. In this case, we include 50% of the PREMIUM package in the construction price.

After web design audit you will have a plan to make your business website more efficient and appealing to your customers.
Web Design Audit is also an Eco-friendly way to be present on the web, because by following the recommendations, you can reduce your website’s carbon footprint.
For this service we do not need any access to your website.