Pet Food Website Design: Redesign for a Vegan Dog Food Brand

Pet Food Website Design: Webshop Redesign for a Vegan Dog Food Brand

Pet Food Website Design: Webshop Redesign for a Vegan Dog Food Brand - A Coconut Design article

This pet food website design story became one of the most heart-warming one amongst our projects. Not only because we were able to make a great website transformation, but because Noochy Poochy became a member of our Small Business Website Subscription Plan – so we haven’t stop working together. What were the biggest challenges for this vegan dog food webshop? And how did we overcome them? Let’s see!

Best Dog Food Website Design
“Mom, are you placing an order on the new Noochy Poochy site for me???”

Being a webshop owner you should feel proud whenever you see your website. You should be able to upload and update your content easily and experience positive user feedback. Yes, this is possible. And , if it’s not the case, it’s time to take a step and ask for help.

Overcoming Website Shame

This is exactly what Lucy did, when she realised, she does not like the website of her beautiful vegan dog food brand. In our first call I learned that she had website shame, especially because of the home page and the blog pages. Not to mention, that it was a nightmare for her to upload new posts, because nothing looked like as it should. I absolutely agreed with her that her brand deserves better, especially that she invested in the visuals so much and the package designs were already beautiful!

Vegan Dog Food Webshop Design Before and After Redesign
Home page before and after

First we created a list of all her problems and expectations. The list included the following issues:

  • the home page’s appearance should be richer and more attractive
  • we should explain the benefits in a better – aka more transparent and easily digestible way
  • the blog post pages should be more arranged, consistent, mobile-friendly and readable
  • more and better lifestyle images should be added
  • it should be easier to add blocks without the pages falling apart

We Started With the Home Page

I decided to start with the home page, because that was the biggest pain point. By redesigning it, we both gained momentum for the rest of the project. Lucy saw that it’s really possible for her brand to get the website design it deserves. I know it may sound strange, but I I have experienced firsthand that after a while small business owners can get used to bad design and no longer believe that it can be really good. This is also a personal process that needs to be overcome. I tried to help with this with my design and my professional support. I knew it could work.

Vegan Dog Food Web design
The home page after – we have changed some of the images since then – Because it became easy too

Website Redesign Process

After we agreed on the home page, we redesigned all the other pages, step by step, paying particular attention to blog pages and the product pages.

“This webshop is for me, mum?”

Pet food website design a really fun thing to do as a designer: you can look at cute animal images all day. But the most rewarding part of this project for me was the owner’s reaction after we launched the new site:

Best pet food website design - webshop review

If you would love to experience the same: leaving behind website shame and being proud of your website, it’s time for you to take the first step. Let’s talk!