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My Business Values

My Business Values - A Coconut Design article

I have a few simple business values at Coconut Design. First of all, I have to declare that all client are equally welcome regardless of gender, religion, nationality or sexual identity. I do not “accept” you, because you don’t need my ratification or approval to exist the way you want. I have some principles that I strictly follow in my work and if you agree with these, like my client, then nothing else matters.

My business values are the following:

Respect for animal rights

I do not work for companies that exploit animals or support animal use. You don’t have to be vegan, but if you have built your business on other sentient beings’ suffering, then sorry, but I can’t help you. However, vegan companies are very welcome.

Respect for mother Earth

We are far from perfect, I know that. However, if you do not appreciate the environment, I can’t support your business with my expertise.

Clear communication

I always tell you what you can expect. What I give and when. What opportunities you have. I also tell you if I’m concerned about your idea, if I don’t find it a good decision professionally. Please, be honest with me.

Respecting each other’s time

I respect you as an entrepreneur who creates value into this world. So I always read your emails carefully, answer all your questions, I don’t forget online appointments and I meet deadlines. I hope you can do the same.

Long-term business relationships

I strongly believe that if we find the people with whom we can create real value together, we should not limit the cooperation to a short period of time. Let’s support each other even if we don’t have any running projects at the moment!

Content first

I can’t design anything without content, because it wouldn’t be professional: no website designs with dummy text like “title goes here”, no grey rectangles instead of your beautiful photos. Templates are an exception of course.

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