How do you design a logo?

Logo Design

Logo is an important part of brand identity. It’s not essential to have a well-working business, but if you are in the stage of creating a professional branding, you are going to need a professional logo design.

What is a good logo like?

A good logo is simple and clear. It’s a compact, balanced, and good looking representation of the brand’s identity, story, mission: a mood. A vibe that helps people to identify the brand and makes it easier to create bonding between customers and the company. And much more.

How do I create a professional logo design?

First I am listening. To you: I have to hear your story, your vision, your mission, your strengths and your goals. We have to catch the feeling together before practical infos like which colour or font type would you prefer – so this is the second step: making clear the visual expectations. Then, if you have a concrete idea we discuss it as well, or – if you haven’t, we can talk about mine. After all these essential steps I can start the graphic work and after a few days I come out with professional logo ideas for you and you can choose which one you’d prefer. The best is when you have a branding board too which makes it easier to use visual elements of your brand identity in everyday life.

Can I help you?

Do you need a new logo? Or any help with the visual appearance of your brand identity? Do you have any questions about this topic? Please, do not hesitate to ask me. I am here for you.

I want to improve my brand!