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Logo and Branding for Eco-Conscious Businesses

Logo & Branding

There are different opinions about what should be the first step when you start your new business: market research, building an audience, having the courage. Sometimes it’s “having a logo”, but I don’t really agree with this last one. However, one thing is true, if you are building a brand, sooner or later you are going to need a professional business logo.
A professional business logo remembers you customers – and you too – to your values, reflects your strengths, your story. When it comes to usability, a good company logo graphic design should be so simple, that a black and white version still shows the same perfect symbol and fonts, just like the colourful one. Best logo designs can be printed or placed on every surface in every size – should it be a billboard, a molino or the slightest pen. If you hire a branding specialist, they will take care not only of your logo, but the whole online and offline appearance of your brand: colours, textures, font types, moods and many more. It’s not necessary for the company’s existence, but it is for having a real, living brand. In my opinion, branding is one of the most important things for eco-conscious businesses, because of the responsibility that comes with the goal os sustainability. Eco-friendly businesses have to express their values more loud and clear, to get more customers and create a better and more sustainable world.
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Website & Webshop Design for Eco-Conscious Businesses

If you are just starting your business or you already have your website, but thinking about redesigning it, I have solutions for you. I offer custom website designs for my clients. A mobile friendly website is absolutely essential in 2021 if you run a business. Contact me if you may need my help!

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