How to prepare your website for Black Friday 2022?

How to prepare your website for Black Friday 2022?

How to prepare your website for Black Friday 2022? - A Coconut Design article

Only a few weeks left until Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday is coming soon too. Either you have a webshop or you offer services, if you are going to have any promotion or discount this year on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or before the Holidays, going through this list can be a life-saver for your campaign. In this article I’m going to share with you some tips o how to prepare your website for Black Friday 2022.

Check the Loading Speed of Your Website

Sad news: in 2022, people won’t wait for your website to load in. Studies have shown that if your website loads in more than 2 seconds, visitors actually don’t become visitors, they just leave. What’s more, Google doesn’t really like slow websites, so those that need more than this magical 2 secs are going to slide back in search results.
If you’d like to know more about your website’s speed metrics, you can check out Google’s Page Speed Insight. With this tool you can get a lot of useful info about your site’s strengths and weaknesses.

Webshop sever capacity page speed problem black friday cyber monday

Optimise Your Website for Mobile

Purchasing on mobile is not only for the youth anymore. Just check out your webshop visitors’ device statistics. Do you see? This is why you need to check your website on mobile from time to time – even if you usually check your business website at the office on desktop – and make sure the website flow works absolutely smoothly on small devices. If your website is not OK on mobile, potential customers are going to leave your shop as quick as lightning. Checking your website on mobile and making it mobile friendly is a very important part if you want to prepare your website for Black Friday 2022.

Test Your Server Capacity

This is not an easy one and you are probably going to need some help to complete this task properly. If you don’t have the opportunity to ask for help from a professional, or your ‘IT guy’ is not available (it happens from time to time, I know), you still can do something. Check out the upgrade opportunities at your server service provider before the promotion starts and your website gets more visitors than usual. After this, monitor the hosting management interface (cPanel) during the promotion so you can see if the server can handle the bigger amount of visitors. If it closes the maximum of it’s capacity, you can act soon by subscribing for a stronger service.

I hope with these you will have a very successful pre-holiday season in your business. If you need any help with mobile friendly design or a Web Design Audit, I am always here for you. And don’t forget: creating a website is a never ending story, there’s always something to improve. Wishing you and your business the best for the upcoming holiday season!