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How much does a proper web design cost? When you need a logo or website design for your business, price can be an important aspect. While you are looking for the best web design and development company for your business, it’s good to know that there are 3 main dimensions when it comes to e-commerce or business web design packages: speed, quality and price. And let’s be honest: in most cases you can choose two of these three. You can have a pretty affordable custom web design in high quality, but it is going to take a lot more time. Or you can have a fast web design by a cheap web design company, but the quality won’t be as good as you’d expect and so on.
So next time you’re checking web design portfolios, it’s worth remembering your two main points of view of the above mentioned three, because it can be as important as the style and beauty of the web designer companies’ works. Whether you need a logo, a refresh of brand visuals, a website design or a webshop design, I can offer you quality solutions.

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How much does website cost with Coconut Design?

It depends on your demands: a wordpress web design based on a simple theme can be much affordable, while a whole woocommerce webshop with WP CMS and custom web design can cost much more, because it takes more time and effort to create. Talking about webshops, Shopify offers a lot of opportunities. It’s relatively easy to set up and it has a low monthly price. However, if you want your shop to be ranked on the first page, you have to invest a lot to your SEO.
There are simple cases, when you need only a logo that you have already dreamed of or a very simple website: for these I have some canned solutions. You can check them out in my shop.

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