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Drive-in Movie Theatre Logo & Web Design – PANAM

Drive-in Movie Theatre Logo & Web Design - PANAM - A Coconut Design article

Logo and branding board for a new business, followed by a website and webshop design.

Starting with March 2020 Budapest was also negatively affected by COVID19 which – amongst many other problems – made it impossible to go out to entertain (or going out at all). Like in several other countries, after a few weeks, event planners came out with fresh alternative ideas to help people have fun in these hard times. Panam, a safe drive-in theatre was one of those ideas. This dive-in theatre logo was made for this project.


Panam has a safe, old-fashioned, emotional, elegant brand identity that evokes the golden age of cinema and the good old classic movie theatres in the USA from the 1950′ and 1960′.
Red and golden yellow as dominant colours were given by the client, just like the “shabby” effect. The logo design should represent classic ways of entertainment and stylish, old-fashioned feeling of the American lifestyle during the above mentioned decades. These were the main thoughts while creating brand identity, logo design and branding board for the business.

Professional Logo design for entertainment business

Website Design

Panam needed a website design which is clear, plain and straightforward, helping the process of ticket sales, snacks purchasing and showing all the options for having a good time in this classic yet fresh kind of theatre. Simply put: a good, well-working webshop design. Of course, responsive, mobile-friendly web design was also a minimum requirement.

Professional website design for cinema