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Cocktail Bar Website Design – Cocktail and Gin Bar, Tenerife

Cocktail Bar Website Design - Cocktail and Gin Bar, Tenerife - A Coconut Design article

A new cocktail bar opened in Tenerife and we were asked to design their website.
To begin the process, I started with a market research. Given that this was our first time designing a cocktail bar website, I delved into the current market to see what others had created.
It wasn’t that there weren’t any impressive cocktail websites; rather, most of them seemed to be modified versions of the same two templates…

Fortunately, we do not use templates so I could create whatever I wanted.

Client requests:

  • simple, nothing special, just present the bar and display the menu
  • cool, elegant – just like the place itself
  • good tech SEO as they wanted organic traffic
  • easy and simple table booking functionality
  • we needed to work fast as we wanted to get ready before the opening

About this Cocktail Bar Webs Design

First we defined the goals of the website: displaying general info and the menu, table booking, displaying on social media and Google maps, etc.

Based on all this, it was clear that the focus would be on mobile use. So we focused on making the site fast and easy to use on mobile.

As for the design, we wanted the website to reflect the style of the place. We contrasted the dark colours with yellow and bluish purple – just like the bar lights. Also, we tried to create a modern but elegant impression with the website.
Our client was very satisfied, they got exactly what they wanted.
We are absolutely ready to create more cocktail bar websites.