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Simple and aesthetically pleasing business year planner for 2023 with fun tasks for small business owners. Download now for free and start planning!

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Business Year Planner for Small Business Owners 2023

A fresh start

A new year is a great opportunity to set new goals. A fresh start is always inspiring, especially if you have a plan that gives you confidence to take action. Planning helps us to increase efficiency and certainty which is a great thing in an increasingly uncertain world. Using a business year planner can help to realise our strengths and weaknesses and increase our creativity.

Work Smarter not Harder

The idea of this year planner came when we realised that planning helps reduce waste: time, money, resources, raw materials. As a team that serves sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan businesses we find it extremely important to help eco-conscious companies to reach their green-hearted goals. However, we recommend this business year planner to every small and middle-sized business owner who wants their company to work effectively and grow during the following year.

Although planning can be fun, following your plans, the implementation part can be difficult, especially, when unexpected things happen. And they always happen. This is why we do not recommend creating plans that are too detailed. Our business year planner can be filled in 1-2 hours and helps you to sum up your past year and design the next one. Of course you can spend more time with it, but it’s not necessary.

How to use our Business Year Planner for 2023?

Find at least 2 hours, when you can focus on planning. You’ll see that first we’ll invite you to close your last year, to learn your lessons and start the planning procedure at a higher level. Then be brave, courageous and answer the questions step by step about the following year. It’s OK to be uncertain and take your time. It’s OK to stop planning and start it again after a few days. It’s also OK to ask for help from your colleagues, friends or entrepreneur buddies or do it in a team.

Wishing you a great adventure!