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Can AI create your website?

Can AI create your website? - A Coconut Design article

In the recent weeks and months, AI and AI generated content have become a super popular topic. Of course, web design could not be left out either. AI design tools have appeared, and according to the promises, with their help, a website can be created in a few seconds.

Let’s see how far AI can really take us when it comes to designing and building our website…

What is AI currently good for in website design?

Usually for AI-generated web design, you have to enter keywords on the basis of which the artificial intelligence creates the design(s). The outcome is a visually appealing hero section (the opening part of the website) with a relevant, high quality image and the necessary UI parts: menu, button, and some text. And that’s all.

So technically, AI scans the internet and finds the best solutions, then creates an abstraction and shows you some examples. It’s important to know that it is only going to be a hero image, not the whole website with subpages, functions, properly planned and developed user journeys, etc.

Uniqueness with AI generated Web Design..

Well, creating hero sections for inspiration is great. However, in our opinion AI in this case just shows us the typical website examples for the selected field or keywords. So technically it shows us how to create a good looking website in a certain topic which blends into the crowd of similar pages. If you want your website – your company – to stand out, you will need a little extra sauce, which probably only a human (designer) brain can come up with.

So, Benefits of Using AI for Web Design are:

  • It helps your designer to do the competition research. To find out the most important elements and styles your competitors use.
  • It knows all the scientific parts of web design: accessibility, proportions, readability, etc. So the designer can focus on other things. 
  • It creates a beautiful, eye-catching, remarkable image on your topic (if the proper keywords were given).
You still need both of us for a visually appealing and well working website.

Are AI Generated Website Images Perfect?

AI can create pretty cool images & visuals that attract attention – although sometimes you don’t really know what you’re seeing. You can spare time by downloading those AI generated items separately, so you can skip the photoshooting and photoshopping part, and focus more on other stages of the web design process. In our opinion, there are topics that work really well, like gaming, fantasy, technology. However, we find lifestyle images pretty scary in an unhuman sense.

Are AI Generated Websites Effective on Mobile?

Until now, we have only talked about the desktop view, and this is no accident. The extremely important deficiency of these designs is that they are only suitable for desktops at a certain resolution and don’t take into account responsiveness at all. Therefore, they are beautiful, but may require plenty of work to adjust them to real-world needs.

In summary, it can be said that these designs are beautiful and catchy, but from a design perspective they’re difficult to integrate into functional sites.

Can You Design Your Own Website with AI?

Web design is not only about graphic design programs, and coding. Behind a good-looking, effective, and user-friendly website there is actual science. You have to follow certain basic design rules to make sure that your web design will actually work in real life. And you have to combine those rules with the message you want to communicate. 

When designing a website you need to be able to define and create a user journey that can lead your users through your website. AI can give you some inspirations on the overall look, but it can’t find out your needs and it is not able to customise all the elements and rules to your own business. This is something that only a real-life experienced designer can do.

Do We Use AI for Web design?

To make a long story short – sure!

We are not afraid of AI and technical development, we embrace it!

We see it as a powerful tool which, of course, helps and speeds up competition analysis. This provides us with more time to add a little twist that makes your business special. Because, at the end of the day, your story is what really matters, and that cannot be told by any AI, only by you.

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