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3 Web Design Tips for Vegan Webshop Owners

3 Web Design Tips for Vegan Webshop Owners - A Coconut Design article

How to increase your vegan brand’s credibility through your website and how to educate non-vegans about your products, services and values? How to make your products or services more appealing, transparent and available for your potential customers? In this article I’m giving you some tips to have a more effective vegan business website or vegan webshop.

1. Only for vegans?

Are you sure that the target audience of your vegan webshop are only “the vegans”? Plant based food is getting more and more popular amongst non-vegan people, just like vegan clothes and shoes which are good choices for environmentally friendly people: there are plenty of examples when non-vegan people purchase vegan products. Don’t forget about them. If you are open to these transitioning or “hesitating” groups, you can make an impact and of course more successful purchases. Some educational content can also attract some more organic traffic on your website. Create educational content about your products and services and related topics: blogs, infographics, videos.

2. Have your own brand identity!

Everybody knows the ‘classic vegan green’ colour, and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, I can’t say enough times: you can use other colours too for your vegan brand. You can choose the classic vegan green as a secondary colour and use another one as primary. Or maybe the ‘vegan green” can be your accent colour only. It’s up to you. Just be unique and consistent about those brand colours!

vegan web design colors for branding

3. Emphasise your values!

I see plenty of vegan websites and webshops without any declaration of values. However, well presented values are good selling points for ethically conscious people out there. If you don’t show your customers what you offer you are going to lose good chances to connect with your audience. Use icons and keywords to show your values to your audience. Be honest and friendly and add some explanation, story behind these values.

+1 Be a team player!

Become a part of the vegan community! Collab with other vegan brands and show the result to your audience on your website. You can show your business partner’s logos on your home page, do some guest blogging, make interviews with other vegan business owners or create products or services together. Whichever you choose, show it to your potential customers on your vegan website!

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. If you need more tips and ideas to improve your website, I’m here for you! Send me a message, I would be more than glad to help you to make your vegan website more effective.